The Blackbird and the Ghost by Huw Steer


I’m usually apprehensive about accepting review requests because I don’t really know if the book is actually as good as the summary seems. I always accept a request hoping I’ll enjoy the book and actually want to review it.

(But that’s just me overthinking things. All the books turn out to be great). This book though, I love how it exceeded my expectations. All right now, it’s time to read.

Title: The Blackbird and the Ghost

Author: Huw Steer

Genre: Fantasy

Page count: 204

The Boiling Seas are the mariner’s bane – and the adventurer’s delight. The waters may be hot enough to warp wood and boil a hapless swimmer, but their scalding expanse is full of wonders. Strange islands lurk in the steamy mists, and stranger ruins hold ancient secrets, remnants of forgotten empires waiting for the bold…or lying to in wait for the unwary.

On the Corpus Isles, gateway to the Boiling Seas, Tal Wenlock, the Blackbird, seeks a fortune of his own. The treasure he pursues could change the world – but he just wants to change a single life, and it’s not his own. To reach it, he’ll descend into the bowels of the earth and take ship on burning waters, brave dark streets and steal forbidden knowledge. He’ll lie, cheat, steal and fight – but he won’t get far alone. The ghosts of Tal’s past dog his every step – and one in particular keeps his knives sharp.

The Blackbird will need help to reach his goal – and he’ll need all his luck to get back home alive.


This is one epic fantasy book! Tal Wenlock and his adventures make a really compelling story.

Tal is a very unique character. He is different from most tomb raiders, more interested in the history of an artefact than the artefact itself. I find his past quite interesting.

I loved the descriptions in this book. The tomb, the traps, the port, the sea…the little details were perfect, and it was very easy to picture the story.

The characters are also intriguing, and make you want to know more about them. The plot twists are excellent.

I found this book very relaxing and easy to understand. It’s a great read, not too complicated but mysterious enough to keep you wondering, “what’s next?” It’s a whole new world to dive into, and I’m grateful for it!

The end of the story hints at a sequel, and I’m hoping to read it as soon as it comes out! This book is a real page-turner, so you should definitely read it.

What do you think of this book? Which is your favourite fantasy novel? Read any other books like this one? Let me know!


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