Bookworms are a Weird Species

Warning: This post is a long rant and might make you think that I'm some sort of horrible monster who makes faces at puppies. I'm not. Hoi! Have you heard the tone in which people speak about children who like to read? Think about it. We've all faced it at some point of time. Your … Continue reading Bookworms are a Weird Species


My Thoughts Before Exam Results

Zdraveǐte! Exams are scary. Especially if you're an expert procrastinator like me. But you know what's scarier? The results. After every exam, I try my best to forget about it and prepare for the next one, but what do I do after the last one? I sit down and count the days to Doomsday. Aka … Continue reading My Thoughts Before Exam Results

My Pretentious Procrastination Programme

Hallo!Did you like my alliteration?Β  Wonderful, isn't it? Since my CBSE Board exams are right around the corner, I feel obliged to treat you all to my studying behaviour a.k.a my procrastinating habits.Right, so as I've mentioned before, I am the queen of procrastination, especially when it comes to preparing for exams. Let me now … Continue reading My Pretentious Procrastination Programme