Author Interviews

Huw Steer – The Blackbird and the Ghost

Hey guys! Today I'm interviewing Huw Steer, the author of The Blackbird and the Ghost. 1. Tell us more about yourself! a. I’m a historian, author and comedian (sometimes) from London. I write sci-fi and fantasy – with the occasional foray into alternative genres – mostly long-form, but I’ve got a few short stories knocking… Continue reading Huw Steer – The Blackbird and the Ghost

Book Reviews

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Bonghjornu! You know me, I can't keep away from books even when I'm on vacation in a beautiful, scenic place. So I obviously got a book along with me: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern. It's the best YA book I've read in a long while. Now that I've finished reading it, here's the review! Title: Flawed… Continue reading Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Bookish Corner

Top 10 Fictional Objects We All Want

Chomreabsuor! Apologies for putting this post up a day late! I'm presently vacationing in Sikkim, and network is pretty erratic here, so here we are. The superpowers of fictional characters are amazing. Magic, anybody? But do you know what's even more amazing? Fictional objects. Because every villain needs their signature weapon. But...what if we, mundane… Continue reading Top 10 Fictional Objects We All Want

Book Reviews

An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo

Olá! Today, I was going through some books in my curriculum (not textbooks), and I found this particularly interesting book with a beautiful cover. I read it again and it's still as brilliant as it was the first time. It's so good, and I refuse to hold you from this awesomeness any longer! Warning: Spoilers… Continue reading An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo