Bookworms are a Weird Species

Warning: This post is a long rant and might make you think that I'm some sort of horrible monster who makes faces at puppies. I'm not. Hoi! Have you heard the tone in which people speak about children who like to read? Think about it. We've all faced it at some point of time. Your … Continue reading Bookworms are a Weird Species


Learn from the Author – C. G. Drews

Yeoboseyo! C. G. Drews, aka Cait from Paper Fury has gotten her new book - The Boy Who Steals Houses - published, and it sounds SO interesting! I can't wait to read it! In the meanwhile, I get to interview her. Let me just say, I LOVE her blog and her bookstagram pictures, and it … Continue reading Learn from the Author – C. G. Drews