Sunshine Blogger Award #3 || Ft. Books, Rainbows and Blogging


I’m back with another book tag! Mani from Mani’s Book Corner tagged me on the Sunshine Blogger Tag! Wow, that’s the third time. I must be such a bright, sunshine-y person!


• Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog

• Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you

• Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions

• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.

1. Which author has influenced you the most?

No particular author has influenced my writing. Whatever I write is a combination of all the books I’ve read, by so many different authors. The most prominent authors, though, are Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare and J. K. Rowling.

2. If you get a lottery what would you consider first?

Books. Definitely books. All the books. And a really, really large room for a library. And a puppy or two. And then maybe a public library with free membership. Yeah, that would be cool.

3. If today was the first time that you have seen a rainbow, describe your emotions!

I would probably be in awe, incredibly surprised and full of admiration for such beauty.

4. What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

I think it’s probably to be patient, and never give up. If anything you do doesn’t work as well as you want it to, be patient, keep improving, keep experimenting, step up your game, and the results will show. Just don’t give up.

Yes, that’s the motivational speech I give myself whenever I look at my blog stats or my marks.

5. If you could only read one book/series for the rest of your life what would it be?

Nope. I can’t answer this question. I would never be able to read just one book, or even a series, for the rest of my life.

6. What is your favourite read from childhood?

Andd Harry Potter strikes again! Yes, readers, it’s Harry Potter. Shocking, I know.

7. What is something someone would never guess about you?

Umm, okay. *Clears throat* I may be a bit of a romantic. I’m pretty quiet and reserved around most people, so they are surprised to discover that I’m capable of speaking, forget feeling emotions. Even my closest friends find it difficult to believe that I have more than the emotional range of a teaspoon.

But yeah, I’m referring to fictional ships, whether it’s my latest read or one of the rare TV/Netflix series I watch. I ship Percabeth, Solangelo, Wolfstar and a LOT of other fictional characters. Those couples are perfect, and reading about them makes my heart melt into a gooey puddle. They are the reason for my yearning to be fictional (apart from the awesome powers, of course).

8. How long have you been blogging and what prompted you to start?

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and a half, now, and I started blogging because the unending encouragement and persuasion from my parents to start a blog. I’m so glad I followed their advice!

9. Do your family and friends read your blog? And, if so, what feedback (if any) do they give you?

My family and a few friends do read my blog! All my friends enjoy reading it, but my family is something else altogether. My grandmother acts as my beta reader, reading all my posts and ruthlessly correcting the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

My dad discusses all the technical aspects of the blog (the views, visitors, social media, etc.), and my mom is solely responsible for publicizing it among her friends, her friends’ friends, and… you get the idea. Yeah, they’re pretty brilliant.

10. If you could change one thing about blogging, what would it be?

One thing I’d change would be the obsession with views and followers. Most bloggers (myself included), focus a lot on the stats, and low stats can be quite discouraging. My suggestion is to continue creating great content, and interacting with the blogging community!

11. What makes you happy?

A lot of things! I love making the people I care about happy, finding solutions to their problems, and being useful in general. I also love good food, good music, good stats and good grades!

Thank you for the wonderful questions, Mani! I loved answering them!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, here are my eleven questions!

  1. According to you, what is the closest to actual magic?
  2. Who’s your celebrity crush?
  3. What’s your worst fear?
  4. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard this week?
  5. What’s one incredibly common thing you’ve never done?
  6. What is one feature your dream library should definitely have?
  7. What’s your favourite horror movie?
  8. At what time of the day do you feel most creative?
  9. What skill/talent would you like to learn the most?
  10. What do you do to relax after a tiring day?
  11. What was your favourite read in September?

And here are the bloggers I would like to nominate!

  1. Darina from Facing the Story
  2. The Bookaholic
  3. Divya Agarwal from Hardly Ardor
  4. Ahana from Heart’s Content
  5. Brittany from Bookaholic Brittany
  6. Emer from A Little Haze Book Blog
  7. Beverly from Beverly’s Reads
  8. Aoife from Pretty Purple Polka Dots
  9. Colleen from Colleen’s Conclusions
  10. Sophie from Blame Chocolate
  11. Cali from Cali’s Bookcamp

Make sure to either comment here or pingback (link back) to this post so I can see your answers!

What’s your favourite childhood book? Who’s your favourite author? What makes you happy? Tell me everything!


16 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #3 || Ft. Books, Rainbows and Blogging

  1. Thanks so much for tagging me, Pavani ❤ This seems like so much fun! I also loved reading your answers and it's so great that your family are so involved in your blog and help you out in various ways!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for tagging me. I don’t know if it’s a random thing or you really remember me but awww 🥰

    Loved reading those answers! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw, Pavani!! How sweet is this!! Thank you for the nomination! I’ll ping the shizz out of you. 😍♥️

    Loved your answers and oh my gosh! Me too! I’m a total romantic too!! I don’t think everyone knows that about me much either.

    Liked by 1 person

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