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Warning – Contribution is Compulsory



I’m making a list of problems we bookworms face. A list of bookish problems, of sorts. I need you to add to this list. Here are the problems I’ve already come up with –

  1. How to avoid spoilers.
  2. How to deal with book hangovers.
  3. How to mourn the death of your favorite character.
  4. How to read in a crowded train.
  5. When the book ends and there’s no sequel.
  6. When reading time keeps getting interrupted.
  7. When you have chores to do but you found a book you wanted to read instead.
  8. When you wish that reading burned as many calories as running.
  9. When you have a massive TBR pile but you still have the urge to get more books from the library.
  10. When you own multiple copies of the same book.
  11. When you forget to eat because the book is so good.
  12. When you don’t want to lend a book.
  13. When you get a book back in a horrible condition.
  14. When you never get the book back.
  15. When you don’t like the book you’re reading.
  16. When film adaptations are your worst enemies.
  17. When you never have enough money to buy books.
  18. When you can’t a comfortable position to read.
  19. When you read instead of sleeping.
  20. When you can’t bring enough books on a trip.
  21. When books start to take over your room.
  22. When you wait so long for the sequel that you forget what happened in the first book.
  23. When you lend someone a book and they don’t like it.
  24. When you keep losing all your bookmarks.
  25. When your TBR pile never ends.
  26. When you don’t know where to put your TBR pile.
  27. When you don’t know which book to read next.

Yep, that’s it. If you can think of any other problems that you/someone you know faces, comment below and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

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