Could Be, Maybe, Love…? by Kavita S. Sunil


School’s started again. Usually, I miss school when I’m on holiday because there nothing to do at home, but summer holidays are different. There’s just enough time for me to get lazy and comfortable before school starts. Sad, isn’t it?

The good part is, I’ve read a few books in the summer, and now I have SO many reviews to share with y’all! Let’s begin with the first one!

Title: Could Be, Maybe, Love…?

Author: Kavita S. Sunil

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Page count: 163

Synopsis from Goodreads
What happens when you are thrown into a road-trip with your childhood crush?
Well, either you end up finding love, or you end up losing your sanity. Just ask Niksha!
Ms. Sarcastic/Niksha is not your regular eighteen year old. She can only dream of the things that other teenagers take for granted. Her life is one big, fat rule-book, full of dos and don’ts. So, when her friends plan a weekend trip to Khandala, she tries every trick in the playbook to make it happen, even if she has to bend some rules and accommodate some lies.
If only she knew that a road-trip with your crush is the shortest route to hell.
Mr. Charming/Armaan is not your regular twenty-year old. Ambitious and driven, he has his life all mapped out for himself. When he is not shooting for his TV show, he is auditioning for film roles, waiting for that one big break. Life’s one smooth ride for him, that is, until he is joined on the road-trip by Niksha. After that, it’s just a series of chaos and confusion.
Even as Niksha struggles to hold on to her secret, she can’t help but wonder if her sanity will survive one whole weekend with Armaan. As for Armaan, the million dollar question is: what the hell is going on with him?
Come, join Niksha and Armaan in their crazy adventures in this tale about friendship, family, love, and choices.


This isn’t really my genre, but I wanted to continue reading the book after the first few pages, and I liked it quite a lot.

Niksha is quiet, obedient and rebellious at the same time. She’s also really sarcastic and I love that because I’m always drawn to sarcastic characters (duh). I alternately felt happy and sad for her throughout the book, because poor her. Travelling with Armaan would require her to be really brave, wouldn’t it? She’s a brave one though. The way she faces her mother is respectful and rebellious (well, less respectful than rebellious), which is perfectly fine.

And Armaan. The absolutely clueless yet confusing guy. Typical. Does he like Niksha? No. Maybe. Is he jealous? Of course not. Probably. What is up with him? Goodness, that guy’s like a 2000 peice puzzle. Really hard to solve. He’s funny though, which I can appreciate. And he’s really sweet and caring and it’s obvious that he cares for Niksha, so yay!

And it’s really interesting, the way Ibby and Arshi’s relationship affects theirs. The road trip a long time coming and it was good for all of them. Especially Niksha and Armaan. But I pick no favourites.

I’ll admit it, I was hoping that they’d end up together the entire time. Because that’s what you do with a romance book.

Have you read this book? Did you like it? What are your favourite genres? Let me know!


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