Top 10 Fictional Objects We All Want || ft. Talking Swords, Magical Maps and Brilliant Broomsticks


Apologies for putting this post up a day late! I’m presently vacationing in Sikkim, and network is pretty erratic here, so here we are.

The superpowers of fictional characters are amazing. Magic, anybody? But do you know what’s even more amazing? Fictional objects. Because every villain needs their signature weapon.

But…what if we, mundane Muggles, could use some of these incredibly helpful objects? Life would be SO much easier!

Let’s take a look at the 10 most useful fictional objects:

1. Wand

Image result for wand

Just imagine owning your very own wand. A wand that chose you. Imagine being able to repair broken things, cleaning your room in a jiffy, and changing your study table into a pig. Who wouldn’t want that?

2. Invisibility Cloak

An invisibility cloak is good for all sorts of things. Pranking your little brother. Stealing sweets from the kitchen without being caught. Scaring your best friend by appearing out of nowhere. Making an awesome, low-budget horror movie that involves floating heads and headless chickens. The possibilities are endless with this one.

3. Howler

Image result for howler

Well, well, well. Did your best friend leave for her holiday on your birthday? Did your teacher give you an unjustified B grade? Did your little brother steal all your pencils on the day before your exam? It’s time for payback. Mwahahahahaha! All you need to do send your enemies a well-written Howler, and then sit back and watch the drama unfold.

4. Foe Glass

Image result for foe glass

Are you paranoid? Nervous about what your enemies might do next? Maybe you don’t know who your enemies are? Your foe glass is here to help! It shows you the images of your enemies instead of your reflection. These images get clearer as your enemies get closer to you. Fantastic, isn’t it?

5. Marauder’s Map

Image result for marauders map

Does this even need an explanation? Think about it. Your very own, customised Map. A map of your school, your society, maybe. I could definitely do with a map of my society. Gotta get to the badminton court before anyone else!!

6. Stele

A stele is like a paintbrush with a superpower. But seriously, a stele would be SO COOL. You could make the Fearless rune and the Alliance rune. Even better, you could make the anti-virus and anti-venom runes! How insane is that? But my favourite is the parabatai rune. Because parabatai are awesome.

7. Supercomputer

In George’s Secret Key To the Universe, Cosmos is a supercomputer. He can talk to you, calculate millions of functions in mere milliseconds, and give you authentic information on almost any topic in the entire universe.

But do you know the best thing about Cosmos? He can open a space portal to any coordinates in the universe. This means rapid advancement in our knowledge of the universe. Rapid advancement in space technology. Wow.

8. Cornucopia

Image result for cornucopia

A horn of plenty would be quite useful, wouldn’t it? Unlimited everything. It would eradicate hunger, poverty, misery… everything. Our world would be utopian with a cornucopia.

9. Broomsticks

Image result for broomstick

Yay, broomsticks! Our most favourite method of transportation. Unless you have air sickness, this is an absolute treat. Just imagine being able to go wherever you want, at full speed. Being able to fly in between the clouds all day. Being able to play Quidditch! Also, broomsticks would be a very cool method of transportation because they cause no air pollution at all!

10. Helm of Darkness

And here’s the last item on this list. Hades’ infamous helm of darkness. This unique headgear makes one melt into shadows and pass through walls. Handy, isn’t it? Perfect for a Halloween costume. But, this helm can also radiate fear and scare people to death, which isn’t such a good thing. Perhaps you’ll have to think about this year’s Halloween costume after all.

Got anything to add here? What’s your favourite fictional object? Why? Let me know!

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