My Thoughts Before Exam Results


Exams are scary. Especially if you’re an expert procrastinator like me. But you know what’s scarier? The results. After every exam, I try my best to forget about it and prepare for the next one, but what do I do after the last one? I sit down and count the days to Doomsday. Aka the result day.

Now, I’ve been giving exams for years, so what makes this one so special? The thing is, the Board exams are the most important exams I’ve given so far. And, as a result of these exams being so important, the results are obviously put up 1.5 months later. Why? So that all the students can suffer in agony because of the horrible suspense, of course.

Since my exams ended in March, I’ve been living my blissful, ignorant life, full of badminton, books and some History and Sociology. But the results are coming out tomorrow, and I’m currently pacing in my bedroom, trying to calm myself down.

Because, you see, whenever exam results are near, I start to become paranoid and convince myself that I’ve failed in everything, and now I’ll have to repeat a year, no matter how well my exams went. Of course, it’s not like I have a great track record when it comes to exams.

So here are my thoughts right before my exam results come out.

I’m so dead! I KNOW I’m not going to get an A grade in anything at all. I can’t believe I messed up so badly!

How could I have made such a silly mistake in Math?! What if ALL my 4-markers turn out to be wrong?

And Sanskrit! I know for a fact that I’m getting everything wrong…and I thought I was good at it!

Science will definitely be horrible…I just KNOW that I’m getting a zero in physics! Why didn’t I complete that question?! My method was correct, and now I won’t get marks for it!

I hope I get good marks in English…that is the only subject which I have expectations from… Wait, did I write the title for the story? Oh no, what if I forgot?! That’s one mark gone!

And FIT (computers). What did I do in that exam? Did I even take the exam? Oh yeah, I did. Let’s see what marks I get. Will I get more than 50%? Thank goodness FIT isn’t counted in the aggregate percentage.

Oh Merlin, SST is going to bring my aggregate down! I’m definitely losing at least 10 marks in SST… (*Starts crying with panic*)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I worry about my exam results.

How do you handle your results? Are you calm and collected? Or do you run around in a panic? Is there a particular habit you have while worrying? Let me know!


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