The Story of My Life

(*horrible, off-key singing*)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR- Oh. Whoops. Didn’t see you there. (*Clears throat awkwardly*)

Has it ever happened to you that some distant relative calls you up and wishes you a happy birthday, and then you automatically say ‘happy birthday!’ back? Well, it happens to me. Every. Single. Time.
You know what? Yesterday, my friends threw me an AMAZING surprise party! It was SO much funnnn!!! I definitely have the best friends ever.
I got a lot of awesome gifts this year, but the most beautiful one so far has been a birthday card made by a friend of mine. Here, take a look at it:

The love of my entire life
Ha! I’m just going to be sitting over here, laughing my evil laugh, while you all disintegrate with jealousy.

Anyways, today is my 16th birthday, as you might have gathered (*squeal*), so I’ve decided to treat you all to some amazingly fascinating facts about me (no, this isn’t actually the story of my life. I’m afraid that would be quite long, not to mention slightly embarrassing. This is also not my version of the song). Here we go:

  • My favourite singer is Billie Eilish and my favourite song is currently Bury A Friend πŸ’–. You Should See Me In A Crown, Copycat, Ocean Eyes, I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore, andΒ  Bellyache are great, too. ‘What do want from me, why don’t you run from me, what are you wondering, what do you‘- sorry. Where was I again?
  • I am deathly scared of all sorts of insects and pests. Like, terrified. My first instinct when seeing an insect is to run away screaming, in the opposite direction.
  • I’m absolutely rubbish at drawing, sketching, painting, colouring… you get the idea. My best drawing is of an amoeba- because it’s shapeless. My most creative idea of a scenery consists of a couple of mountains, a river and the sun.
  • The most complicated edible substance I can cook is Maggi.
  • I recently discovered that I’m a Grammar Nazi, which is a little bit sad, because I don’t want to be any kind of a Nazi.
  • I love observing people and imitating them because it’s a lot of fun (and it makes people laugh).
  • Despite being a female member of the Homo sapiens species, I find shopping particularly boring (unless it’s book shopping, of course).
  • My favourite colour is dark blue. I like all cool colours, actually. My favourite colour combination is green and silver (I wonder why), although black and gold isn’t half bad, either.
  • I really like playing card games like Uno, Monopoly Deal and Dobble. And board games like Scrabble and Alias. Puzzles, not so much.

  • I’m not a big fan of horror movies- as in, I start getting nervous in the first scene even if nothing terrifying happens, like Oh my Gods, these people are so happy right now, but they’re going to die a horrible death soon…but who will die first? I think it’ll be the little boy. Seriously though, I can’t stop guessing who’s going to die next in a horror movie. I need at least one light on near me, and a nice, reliable friend sitting right next to me, to comfort me that no evil clown is going to pull me into the drains if I go to the bathroom.

  • I’m not athletic at all. I swear sports hate me. All I can play a little decently is badminton – and that’s all I want to play.
  • I don’t like crowds (or large groups of people). I feel suffocated in a crowd, and after, like, 3-4 hours among lots of people, I actually start feeling physically tired.
  • I’m really, really shy, so I usually don’t talk to people I’ve just met. I’m also incapable of small talk, or talking about trivial things, so I just keep quiet unless I have something interesting or important to say to someone. That being said, I’m prone to spouting random nonsense to end an awkward silence, because I really hate awkward silences, like everybody else on this planet.
  • I love dogs. Especially puppies. They are soooooo cute! I mean, puppy eyes are called puppy eyes for a reason, right? One of my friends has this magnificent dalmatian called Muffin and he’s just adorable.

  • I prefer winters over summers. The summer sun just makes me feel stupid and lazy and sleepy, basically draining all my energy. Have you ever had to wake up at 5 in the morning to go to school? Yeah, I feel like that all the time in the summer (and I actually do have to wake up at 5 to go to school everyday). This can prove to be disadvantageous when I’m trying to pay attention to my teachers in the first month of a new school year. Or, like, not fall asleep in the class. At least I don’t feel sleepy all the time when I’m shivering in the cold.
  • I love my sleep. I need at least 7 hours of sleep every night and those of you who stay up till four in the morning to study or watch movies… yeah, I can’t do that. When I get really sleepy, I go into ‘toddler mode’ which means that I start laughing randomly, whining and complaining about everything. I’m not kidding, this actually happens to me.
  • I get confused between the letters “L” and “S” in my head, sometimes. I don’t know why, but sometimes when I’m spelling a word with L or S in it, it takes me a couple of milliseconds to clear my confusion.

Ta-daaaaaa!! That’s my little list! Do any of these things describe you? Are you weird like me? Let me know!



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