Happy New Year!

Hellooooo? Anyone there? (*creepy echo*)

Nah. No one.

Okay, I’m really, really sorry I haven’t written in more than 2 months. In my defence, my preboards are to blame at least partially. On the bright side, they’re over now, so let’s get to business.

Also, I know I’m 18 days late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Happy 2019!

Firstly, here’s a summary of my highly academic year 2018:

  1. In January, I enjoyed my last month of freedom from the oppressive rule of studies.
  2. In February, I started preparing for the Final Exams in March, which tested the entire year’s syllabus.
  3. In March, I took the Final Exams for ninth grade, and passed (thank goodness).
  4. In April, I started 10th grade (*shudder*).
  5. Being in 10th, I had extra school during the summer vacation, which then lasted for a month (the vacation, I mean).
  6. During this summer vacation, I also did an extra special school project.
  7. When school started after the vacation in June, I started studying for the first set of exams which were in July.
  8. In July, I took my first set of exams.
  9. In August, I started studying for the second set of exams, which were in September.
  10. In September, I took my second set of exams.
  11. In October and November, I tried my best to complete the entire year’s syllabus for the first set of preboards.
  12. In December, I took my first set of preboards, and started preparing for the second, which was in 2 weeks.

Of course, you mustn’t get the idea that I did nothing but study. I played a lot of badminton, read a little and just wasted time in general. But I probably studied more this year than I had in all the previous years combined.

Now, I’m the type of person who forgets New Year Resolutions right after I make them. I usually take it one day at a time and that works out pretty well. But, there a few things that I’d like to follow all the time, so I’ve made those my new year resolutions for 2019. Here are some of them:


This past year, I’ve hardly read any books because of the continuous exams (I know, shocker). I mean, I could list the books I’ve read this entire year on one hand (not counting the textbooks) and that needs to change. So this year, I’ve decided to read as many books as possible, whenever I get the time.


For the last one year, I’ve been trying to learn French. Why trying, you ask? Because every time I get somewhere, either a project or an exam comes up, and I’m forced to stop. By the time the exam gets over, I realise that I’m back to square one because I’ve forgotten everything. I start from the basics all over again, until the next exam. And so the vicious cycle goes on.

This year, I’m going to finish learning French, so that I can start with Greek and Latin, too.


So, I only started this blog last year, but I’m not updating it as frequently as I’d like to. And I really don’t want to take any more long breaks, because I enjoy writing. This year, I’ve decided to get more creative, read more books and make interesting content for my blog, so that you all enjoy reading it!


Oh yes, this is going to remain a resolution for forever and a day. I am an extremely shy person, so I tend to not talk to new people. I don’t like crowds, and I usually sit away from the group. My introvertedness means that I have very few close friends that I can actually confide in. This year, I’m definitely going to try to overcome my shyness, be the first to start a conversation and make many new friends.


Whenever I have schoolwork to do or exams to study for, I always start on the very first day and complete my work slowly and steadily, without panicking, to produce wonderful results. Yeah, right.

I could write an entire book on my procrastinating habits. I have a horrible tendency to put off doing schoolwork, especially during exams. Which, obviously, results in me studying frantically at the last possible minute. This year, I want to start studying early so that I don’t start panicking at the onset of exams and I’m well prepared. This will also help with regular updates on my blog and more time to read new books!

That’s all for today!! Let me know your resolutions and plans for the new year in the comments section below!


The Voracious Bibliophile


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. My resolution is to make my daughter read your blog regularly, and also to encourage her to take up some of these resolutions like reading for exams, writing, stop procrastinating etc.

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