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The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz

Hullo Potterheads!!


Since I was getting bored (with no studying to do), I decided to quiz you all on my favorite subject- Harry Potter. There are 3 levels to this quiz, with varying difficulty levels. You can pick one or choose to do all three.

These aren’t exactly the easiest questions, so don’t feel bad if you get a lower score than expected (I’ll let you in on a secret- I didn’t know all the answers, either). That being said, don’t forget to tell me your score in the Comments section below!

Alright then, witches and wizards, books away! Take out your quill and wand and let’s get started!

Dumbledore's Army


For Dunderheads


For Mediocre Brats


For Competent Potioneers

I hope you all have a fun time taking the quiz!! If you liked this post or have any suggestions, please comment!

The Voracious Bibliophile


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