George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen Hawking

Hey guys!!

What factors does the electrical resistance of a conductor depend upon?

(a) the length of the conductor,

(b) the area of cross-section of the conductor,

(c) the temperature of the conductor; and

(d) the nature of the material of the conductor.


Sorry for the impromptu physics lesson, I’m trying to find strategies to learn some infinite chapters in 15 days, for my upcoming exams.

On this scientific note, I’ve decided to review George’s Secret Key to the Universe, a wonderful, space-related book, written by a phenomenal scientist. Without any further delay, let’s go ahead!

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Title: George’s Secret Key to the Universe

Author: Lucy and Stephen Hawking

Genre: Popular Science



Children’s literature


George’s life is anything but exciting. His parents are environmentalists, and allow no technology in the house. At all. His mum makes carrot and spinach muffins for treats. His only form of entertainment is his pig Freddy, a gift from his grandmother. Until now.

One fine day, George lands up at the house next door in a search for his pig, only to find that the empty house has now been occupied. Overjoyed, he introduces himself to his new neighbours (and asks about his pig). He meets Eric, an eccentric scientist, his wife Susan and their daughter Annie. His way of seeing the universe changes when Eric and Annie introduce him to their supercomputer, Cosmos.

He soon finds out that this is no ordinary machine, but a miracle of science. Cosmos isΒ  no less than a talking space portal. He visits his neighbours more often, unraveling the mysteries of space and becoming fast friends with Annie in the process. Life goes on wonderfully, but what George and Annie do not know is that trouble isn’t far behind. In the form of Graham Reeper.

My Thoughts:

This book is one of my favorites, because it combines a good plot with even better scientific theory. It’s interesting and makes you want to read more. And an element of thrill like Cosmos makes this book unputdownable. I would recommend this book to all science enthusiasts, and… anyone, really. Also, if you liked Twilight in the Land of Nowhen, you’ll love this book.

My Rating:

4.5 on 5


That’s it for today!! I’m sorry, but my posting schedule is going to remain this irregular, at least for this month. I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you liked this post or have any suggestions, please comment!



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